Terms and conditions of use


These General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site (hereinafter also the "Conditions"), together with the documents referred to therein, establish the conditions under which the www.modulagioielli.com site is used (hereinafter, the "Site") Sia both preferred and as a registered user (hereinafter the "user"). For use of the Site means access, browsing or registration on the Site.

lease read the contents. It is recommended to print a copy of the conditions for future reference. See the Site, you agree to the conditions and agree to comply with them. You may not use the site if you do not accept these Terms.

Other applicable conditions

These Conditions refer to the following additional conditions, which also apply to your use of the Site:

·         The Privacy Policy of Modula Gioielli, which establishes the conditions under which Modula Gioielli processes the User's personal data. By using the Site, the User consents to such processing and guarantees that all data supplied by the same is correct.

·        Policy on the permitted use of the Site, which establishes the permitted uses of the Site. Whenever the User uses the Site he is obliged to comply with this Policy

·         The Modula Gioielli Cookie Policy, which contains information about cookies relating to the Site.

In the case of purchase of Modula Gioielli products from the Site, the General Conditions of Sale of Modula Gioielli will be applied.

Information about Modula Gioielli

The present conditions are valid exclusively for the company Modula Gioielli s.a.s. of Ruotolo Patrizia, with registered office in Via circumvallazione 185 -80059 Torre del Greco (NA), REA NA-779207, VAT number 05840671217

Changes to the General Conditions of Use of the Site

Modula Gioielli reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify these Conditions at any time. The User is therefore invited to view the General Conditions of Use at each access to the Site.

Modula Gioielli also reserves the right to suspend the services connected to the Site at any time.

Changes to the Site

Modula Gioielli reserves the right, at its own discretion, to update the Site and modify its content at any time Modula Gioielli is not obliged to update the contents of the Site Modula Gioielli does not guarantee that the Site or its contents are free from errors or omissions.

Access to the Site

The Site is made available free of charge.

Modula Gioielli does not provide any guarantee that the Site or its contents are constantly accessible. Access to the Site is permitted on a temporary basis. Modula Gioielli reserves the right to suspend, eliminate, interrupt or modify all or part of the Site without notice. Modula Gioielli will not be liable to the User if for any reason the Site is not available, in whole or in part.

The User will take care to prepare everything necessary to be able to access the Site.

The User ensures that whoever accesses the Site through the Internet connection owned by the User is aware of these Terms and all other applicable terms and conditions and that he undertakes to respect them.

User Account and Password

If the User receives an identification code, password or any other information due to the security procedures of Modula Gioielli shall treat this information as confidential and not disclose it to third parties.

Modula Gioielli reserves the right to deactivate at any time the identification code and or password, chosen by the User or assigned by Modula Gioielli, if, in its opinion, the User has not complied with these Conditions.

If the User knows or suspects that another person is aware of his identification code or password, he must immediately notify Modula Gioielli by sending an email to info@modulagioielli.com

Industrial and intellectual property rights

Modula Gioielli is the owner or licensee of all industrial and intellectual property rights relating to the Site, its contents and the materials published therein (by way of example and not limited to, texts, lists, manuals, photographs, illustrations, images, drawings technical, video, audio, advertising texts, trademarks, domain names, designs, projects even where not covered by patent, software, databases and any other material or content - hereinafter jointly, the "Material"). These rights are subject to protection under applicable laws and international treaties.

The User is authorized to print a copy of the pages of the Site and to download extracts for his own personal use or in order to share them with other people.


The User may not modify the Material, paper or digital, printed or downloaded from the Site. Furthermore, the User may not use images, photographs, video or audio sequences or any graphics separately from the text accompanying them.


Modula Gioielli must always be indicated as the author of the Material.


The User may not use the Site or the Material for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Modula Gioielli. If the User uses the Website or prints, copies or downloads the Material in violation of these Conditions, the User has no right to use the Site and, upon Modula Gioielli's request, destroy or return the Material.


Warranty on the information contained on the Site

The information and the Site Material are provided for information purposes only. The User may not rely on them and, if he intends to make decisions based on such information or Materials, he must ask for specialist or professional advice.

Modula Gioielli makes every reasonable effort to update the information and the Materials on the Site. However, Modula Gioielli does not provide any guarantee, expressed or implied, regarding the completeness or accuracy of such information or Material.

Limitation of liability


To the extent permitted by law, Modula Gioielli excludes any warranty, expressed or implied, relating to the Site or its use.


Modula Gioielli excludes any liability, of a contractual or extra-contractual nature, from the User for damages or losses, deriving from or connected to:


·         use or inability of the User to use the Site;


·         use of information or Materials contained on the Site or reliance on them.


The Site is provided exclusively for use for domestic and / or private purposes.

Modula Gioielli is not necessarily affiliated / connected / contractually linked to any website to which links exist on the Website. A link from the Site to any other website does not imply that Modula Gioielli approves or recommends in any way said website or has control over said website. Even in the presence of links, Modula Gioielli assumes no responsibility for the content and / or use of any third-party website.


Other limitations and exclusions of responsibility could be applied in relation to the sale of products through the Site. Please consult the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Modula Gioielli

Uploading content to the Site


If the User uses a function that allows him to upload content on the Site he will have to comply with the Policy on the use of the Site. The User will be liable to Modula Gioielli for any damage that it may suffer in relation to the contents and to the materials uploaded by the User on the Site.

All contents uploaded by the User on the Site will be considered non-reserved and Modula Gioielli will have rights to use, duplicate, distribute and disclose them to third parties for any purpose.

Modula Gioielli reserves the right to reveal the identity of the User to third parties who complain about the infringement of intellectual property rights or of any other nature in relation to the content uploaded by the User.

Modula Gioielli is not responsible to third parties for the content published by the User on the Site.

Modula Gioielli reserves the right to remove any content published on the Site by the User if, in its opinion, it does not comply with the Policy on the use of the Site.

The opinions expressed by the User on the Site do not represent the opinions of Modula Gioielli.


The User agrees to hold Modula Gioielli harmless and harmless in relation to any liability, damage and cost (including, without limitation, legal fees) in which Modula Gioielli may incur due to: (i) a violation by the User of the General Conditions of Use or the declarations and guarantees indicated herein; (ii) claims by third parties that are based on the use of the Site and / or Material by the User and / or on the use the User has made of the Site and / or Material in violation of the General Conditions of Use; (iii) information or Material that has been sent, transmitted or loaded by the User or through his account.

Links to the Site

The User can create links to the home page of the Site, provided that this is done correctly and that it does not damage the reputation of Modula Gioielli or the User will take unfair advantage of it.

The User cannot create a link to the Site in such a way as to suggest that there is any form of association, approval or consent by Modula Gioielli

You may not create a link to the Site with any website that is not owned by you.

The Site must not be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any other Site, windows or pop-ups, nor is it allowed to create links to any page on the Site other than the home page.

Modula Gioielli reserves the right not to allow links to the Site, without prior notice.

The websites on which it is permitted to make links must comply with the Policy on the use of the Site.

If the User wishes to use the contents of the Site in ways other than those indicated above, he must contact Modula Gioielli at the email address info@modulagioielli.com

Applicable law

These Conditions are governed by Italian law.



La Commissione europea ha adottato una piattaforma online per la risoluzione delle controversie riguardanti i consumatori. Tale piattaforma è completamente operativa e accessibile online (http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr). Potreste essere interessati a questo servizio per risolvere eventuali controversie con Modula Gioielli


Policy on the approved use of the Site

This Policy on the use of the Site (hereinafter also the "Policy") establishes the conditions under which the User is permitted to use the www.modulagioielli.com site (hereinafter, the "Site") both in quality as a visitor and as a registered user.


Use of the Site implies acceptance of this Policy, which supplements the General Conditions of Use of the Site.


The Site is managed by Modula Gioielli s.a.s. of Ruotolo Patrizia, with registered office in Via circumvallazione 185 -80059 Torre del Greco (NA), REA NA-779207, VAT number 05840671217.

Uses prohibited

The User may use the Site solely for lawful purposes. It is forbidden to use the Site:


·         in a way that violates the law or is illegal or fraudulent;


·         for the purpose of damaging or attempting to harm minors in any way;


·         in order to send, receive, upload, download, use or re-use any material that does not comply with the Content Standards;


·         in order to transmit, or obtain transmission, unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam);


·         in order to transmit data, send or upload any material that contains viruses, trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or other harmful programs.


The User also undertakes not to reproduce, duplicate, copy or resell any part of the Site, any equipment or network on which the Site resides, any software used for the Site; any equipment or network or software owned or used by third parties in violation of the General Conditions of Use of the Site.

Interactive services

Modula Gioielli can provide interactive services on the Site, including live chat ("Interactive Services").


If you provide an Interactive Service, Modula Gioielli will provide the User with information about the type of service offered, if there is a moderator and what form of moderation is used (indicating whether it is human or technical).

Modula Gioielli undertakes to assess any risks for users (and, in particular, for children) when using the Interactive Services offered on the Site, and reserves the right to decide on a case by case basis whether it is appropriate to use a moderator (including the type of moderation to be used) in the light of such risks. However, Modula Gioielli does not undertake any obligation to supervise, monitor or moderate the Interactive Services that will be offered on the Site and excludes any liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Interactive Services by the User in violation of the Content Standards, even if the Interactive Service is moderate.

The use of Interactive Services by minors is subject to the consent of the subject exercising parental authority. Those who allow the child to use an Interactive Service must inform the child about online security, even if the Interactive Service is moderate. Minors who use an Interactive Service must be aware of the potential risks for them.

When the Interactive Service is moderated, Modula Gioielli will inform the User on how to contact the moderator in case of need.

Content standards

These rules apply to any content and material with which the User contributes to the Site ("Contributions") and to all the Interactive Services associated with it.

The User is required to comply with the following rules, which are applied in relation to the Contributions or parts of them

Contributions must:


·         Be correct (if the facts are stated);


·         Be spontaneous (if opinions are stated);


·         Respect the laws in force.


Contributions must not:


·         Contain defamatory material;


·         Contain obscene or offensive material;


·         Promote material of a sexual nature;


·         Instigate violence;


·         Promote discrimination in relation to race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age;


·         Violate industrial and intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties;


·         Be deceptive;


·         Be made in violation of any legal obligation;


·         Promote illegal activities;


·         Be dangerous or prejudicial to the right to privacy of other people's personal data, or cause disturbance, inconvenience or fear;


·         Be performed through a third party or misrepresenting your identity;


·         Give the impression that they come from Modula Gioielli if it is not;


·          Perform, promote or assist in any unlawful act, such as (by way of example) violation of copyright laws.

Suspension and Termination

Modula Gioielli reserves the right to establish, at its own discretion, if there has been a violation of this Policy during the use of the Site. When a violation of this Policy occurs, Modula Gioielli will have the right to take the actions it deems more appropriate.

Failure to comply with this Policy constitutes a substantial violation of the General Conditions of Use of the Site and may entail the following consequences:


·         the immediate, temporary or permanent revocation of the User's right to use the Site;


·         immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any content or material uploaded by the User on the Site;


·         sending a recall; ·


·         legal proceedings against the User with a claim for damages and reimbursement of legal costs incurred;


·         other actions against the User;


·         disclosure of information to the competent authorities, where necessary or appropriate.


Modula Gioielli will not be responsible for the consequences deriving from the actions taken in response to violations of this Policy.

The actions described above are indicated by way of example only and are not exhaustive. Modula Gioielli reserves the right to take any other action it deems appropriate.


Policy changes

Modula Gioielli reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time without notice. The User is required to periodically check this page to take note of any changes to the Policy that will be binding for the User. Some of the provisions contained in this Policy may be superseded or modified by other provisions in other sections of the Site.


Reviews, comments, communications and other content


When the User writes his own review or comment on the Site he must observe the following guidelines:


·         Focus attention on the product and its individual use experience


·         Provide details on the reasons why a product is liked or not


All submitted reviews are subject to the terms set forth in the Facebook Terms of Use, or other social media as well as the Terms of Use on the Modula Gioielli rating and comment service.

Modula Gioielli reserves the right not to publish a comment by the User if it violates the guidelines or contains:


·         obscenity, discriminatory language, or expressions not suitable for a public forum;


·         advertising, "spam" or references to other products, offers, or websites;


·         e-mail addresses, URLs, Twitter handles, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information;


·         critical or malicious comments about other reviews posted on the page or on their authors.

Moreover, if the User wishes to share with Modula Gioielli opinions on products, prices, orders, deliveries or other customer service problems, he is requested not to send this opinion through a review of the product but to contact Modula Gioielli directly.

These Terms of Use govern the rating service and user feedback offered by Modula Gioielli (the "RC Service"). In case of conflict with the Modula Gioielli Privacy Policy, these Terms of Use shall prevail.

When the User publishes a content on the Facebook page of Modula Gioielli declares and guarantees the following:


·         to be the sole author and owner of the industrial and intellectual property rights on the content;


·         that all published content is correct;


·         you are at least 18 years old;


·         that the use of the content provided does not violate these Terms of Use and is not harmful to third parties.


The User accepts and guarantees not to send any content:


·         that contains false, inaccurate or misleading information;


·         that violates any industrial and intellectual property rights, trade secrets, personal data or other rights of third parties;


·         violating laws or regulations (including rules to protect consumers, competition, advertising);


·         that is, or can reasonably be considered, defamatory, libelous, disparaging, discriminatory or offensive to religion, or harmful or harassing of any individual or company;


·         for which the User has received a payment from third parties;


·         which includes information referring to other sites, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or contact information;


·         that contains any type of virus, worm or other potentially harmful program or file;


·         that violates the terms and conditions of use of Facebook.


The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Modula Gioielli (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, employees and suppliers) from any action and request, including claims for damages, including legal fees, arising out of a violation of the declarations and warranties referred to above, or the violation of laws or third party rights.

Any published content is subject to a free, perpetual, irrevocable, transferable license in favor of Modula Gioielli to use, copy, modify, delete, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, sell and / or distribute such content and / or integrate such content in any form, means of communication or technology throughout the world.

Any published content may be used at the discretion of Modula Gioielli. Modula Gioielli reserves the right to change, reduce or cancel any content on the Site which, in the discretional judgment of Modula Gioielli, violates the content guidelines or any other provision of these Terms of Use. Modula Gioielli does not guarantee that the User will have the right to obtain the publication or modification of published content. Reviews and comments are generally published within 2-4 working days. However, Modula Gioielli reserves the right to remove or refuse to send a comment for any reason. The User acknowledges that he is solely responsible for the published contents. None of the contents is subject to any obligation of confidentiality on the part of Modula Gioielli, its agents, affiliates, partners or suppliers and their respective directors, officers and employees. By submitting any content on the Facebook page of Modula Gioielli or on the Site, the User accepts that Modula Gioielli may use this content both on the aforementioned sites and on other websites, including third parties.


By sending your e-mail address in connection with the vote and the review, the User accepts that Modula Gioielli and its service providers may use this e-mail address to contact the User regarding his own review or for other administrative purposes .

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