Produced by the enormous pressure of the Earth and at extremely high temperatures, these wonders have always fascinated men.  Priceless gems  and unique beauty: diamonds.

Il Golden Jubilee: the largest cut diamond in the world

The Golden Jubilee  is currently the largest diamond in the world.  It was extracted in South Africa and shows up a cognac color that just seems pretty astounding .  His discovery dates back to 1985, when this great 755 carat wonder came out of the Premier mine and that after cutting , he recorded a weight of 547.67 carats, which gave him the primacy , overtaking Cullinan I, also known as Great Star of Africa, who had held it since 1908. Its name is due to the fiftieth anniversary of the coronation of Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand, to whom it was given, and since 1997 is part of the jewelry collection of this territory.

The Cullinan: the "Great star of Africa"

The second largest diamond, therefore, is the Cullinan. At the extraction it reached a weight of 3,160 carats, the largest raw diamond ever find out.  The name comes from the owner of the Premier mine in South Africa, where in 1905 this diamond was discovered, Thomas Cullinan.  The stone was donated to the king of England, Edward VII, by the South African government, on the occasion of his 66th birthday in 1907. This could also be considered a sign of gratitude to the sovereign for his recently acquired independence.

The Cullinan cut

Joseph Asscher was entrusted with the very delicate task of cutting stone.  In order to make the cut as optimal as possible, he practiced on some copies first.  In December 1908 he decided to cut the stone into three parts which  then were assigned to the diamond expert Henri Koe.  The Cullinan was then split into 9 huge diamonds and in particular:

  • The Cullinan I or Great Star of Africa, is a 530.20 carat drop-shaped diamond with 74 facets.  This stone of great purity and whiteness adorns the British imperial scepter.
  • The Cullinan II, weighs 317.40 carats.  It is a cushion-cut diamond with 66 facets and is fitted on the crown of England.

Both are exhibited in the Tower of London with the jewels of the British Crown.

The "Incomparable" diamond

On the third step of the podium we find what is called “Incomparable”, this gem was brought out in 1980 in a mine of Congo and weighs 407.48 carats.  Although third by size, this stone is classified as the first in the category of fancy natural yellow diamonds.  The gem has made its tenth appearance at the jewelry fair in Doha, and was fitted pendant on a amazing rose gold necklace and with 91 diamonds of different cut that increases the carats to a total of 635.4.

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