Taking care of your jewelry means taking care of yourself, dedicating a few minutes to make it shine over time. Silver, as the years go by, oxidizes mainly due to the sulfur, or its derivatives, contained in the various agents. If you attend spas with sulphurous water, don’t forget to wear any jewelry, otherwise you will see them blacken severely. Also a skin with acid PH accelerates the oxidation process.

How to slow down the oxidation process

Leaving the product exposed outdoor or wet environments for a long time isn’t not recommended. Direct contact with the environment will cause rapid oxidation. Initially it will create a yellowish halo that will become darker over time. The oxidation is a natural process and our jewels are not exempt.

How can I take care of my Modula jewel?

Our jewels are 100% handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen. They are totally hypoallergenic and made in 925 carat silver, 24 kt gold or rhodium plating and hand-painted flat enamels.
925 Sterling silver is an alloy composed of silver and other materials. Each jewel is marked with a stamp that indicates the title of the silver present in the alloy (the number 925 indicates an alloy composed of 925 parts of pure silver out of 1000). Gold and silver are malleable metals and the process of natural oxidation isn’t  a manufacturing defect and therefore isn’t covered by the warranty.

How can I clean my Modula jewel?

It is recommended to clean the jewels with a polishing cloth or, if you want to do a better cleaning , soak them in warm water and neutral soap and rub with a soft bristle brush. Don’t use aggressive detergents and above all don’t use products for the silverware at home. For further assistance send us an email to support@modulagioielli.com

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