The true beauty of the world lies in the ornaments that compose it, without them sometimes even a work of art reveals itself ephemeral.

Exalts your elegance with our "Ornamental" collection, made in 925 Sterling silver and decorated with the beautiful colors of the enamels.

"What in nature is crystal, in art is the ornament."

(Ernst Fischer)

Ornamental Flower Earrings Ornamental Flower Earrings 2

Ornamental Flower Earrings

Rhodium-plated/pink gold-plated silver earrings, semiprecious stones, enamels.
Ornamental Flowers Necklace Ornamental Flowers Necklace 2
Necklaces & Pendants

Ornamental Flowers Necklace

Rhodium-plated/pink gold-plated silver necklace, semiprecious stones, enamels.
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