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The greatest diamonds in the world

The greatest diamonds in the world

Produced by the enormous pressure of the Earth and at extremely high temperatures, these wonders have always fascinated men.  Priceless gems and unique beauty: diamonds. read more
The Lord of the Rings: Sevan Bıçakçı

The Lord of the Rings: Sevan Bıçakçı

Majestic mosques, exotics bazaars full of fragrant spices, massive minarets and sultans. Istanbul, the only city in the world which has ruled as the capital of three different empires. It is this fabled city which is the biggest muse of Sevan Bicakci, known in the world of jewelry as “Lord of the Rings”. read more
How to clean silver 

How to clean silver 

Taking care of your jewelry means taking care of yourself, dedicating a few minutes to make it shine over time. Silver, as the years go by, oxidizes mainly due to the sulfur, or its derivatives, contained in the various agents. read more

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